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Copy of Step 1: MEET

First, we need to meet on site so I can get an understanding of your needs and an impression of your preferences on style and design.

Copy of Step 2: PREPARE

Next, I draw up the necessary paperwork for the project, including detailed sketches to insure that we are on the same page.

Copy of Step 3: CREATE

After you've approved the sketches, then I get to work on site. From start to finish, I strive to bring every detail of your project to life.

About the artist:

Chandler Anderson graduated from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts.

's true passion for painting comes from his love of nature combined with architectural/urban elements.

He has established himself as a well known artist specializing in commissioned muraling, marbling, trompe l'oeil and portraiture in several mediums for private homes, churches, schools and businesses. Chandler has completed work throughout the United States, and in Athens, Greece as well.

He resides in Maple Grove, MN.